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Darling cold cough is very common disease, usually, after darling occurrence cough, most parent can be eager to relieve a cough to darling, remedy of cough of darling of for fear that is not seasonable it is to be able to cause more serious complication, to darling healthy cause very great harm, the reason of darling dry cough is very much, when the parent is being treated to darling, use drug not blindly certainly, had better be drug is used below the doctor’s guidance.

How does the dry cough after darling catchs a cold do

How does the dry cough after darling catchs a cold do?

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1, ginger + brown sugar + garlic: When the child suffers from chill to catch a cold, drink water of tepid ginger brown sugar to be able to have very good therapy effect, if the child returns companion to have cough at the same time, can add the big the head of garlic of 2-3 valve again in water of ginger brown sugar, boil together, want small fire to boil 10 minutes, boil the piquancy of the head of garlic, such children just agree to drink.

2, evaporate garlic water: Take garlic 2-3 piece, pat broken, put into the bowl, add half bowls of water, put a crystal sugar, cap is imposed on the bowl, evaporate goes in putting bowl, evaporate of fire of the make down after big baked wheaten cake leaves 15 minutes can. Already did not iron when the garlic water in the bowl, more lukewarm when feed the child to drink, garlic need not eat, kind a day of 2-3 second, smaller part bowl. If be 5-6 year old the child, garlic head can put 4-5 piece, the adult can use 7-8 piece, garlic sex is lukewarm, enter classics of taste, lung, effect of cough of remedial cold sex, kidney empty cough is first-rate, and convenient and simple, the child also is willing to drink.

3, the orange that bake: Put orange on small fire to bake directly, ceaseless flip through, bake tangerine skin nigrescent, appear from orange steam has been baked, put a little while, not too very hot, shuck bake black orange skin, let the child eat inside tepid orange valve, if be big orange, it is OK that the child has 2-3 segment or section, if be small tribute tangerine, the child can have. Had better cooperate garlic water to eat together, a day of 2-3 second. Orange sex is lukewarm, have expectorant the action that relieve a cough, blame the action of outer and gules part with orange peel is stronger, call tangerine again, chill coughs and phlegmy relatively a long time, be white is rare stick phlegmy, after eating to bake orange, the quantity of phlegmy fluid can decrease apparently, the town coughs effect is very apparent, and the child is willing to eat.

4, end of sesame oil ginger scrambles egg: Put sesame oil of one small spoon fry pan inside, jiang Mo is put after oily heat, pass in oil a bit, immediately fries divide evenly into an egg, face in the child heat is taken the advantage of to eat before sleeping below, ironing the child, child windA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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When cold cough and body empty cough, eat to the child every night, insist to eat on a few days, can see apparent effect.

How does the dry cough after darling catchs a cold do

The cough that common cold causes

Characteristic: It is more one in succession excitant cough, sao of seem pharynx and larynx is urticant, do not divide without phlegmy; day and night, do not accompany asthma or hurried breath.

Symptom: Darling be addicted to sleeps, snorty, can accompany sometimes calorific, temperature does not exceed difference of spirit of 38 ℃ ; , inappetence, perspire antifebrile hind, the symptom disappears, cough still lasts 3 ~ 5 days.

Reason: Popularity of the four seasons, see more when change of difference in temperature is big, have experience of catch cold catch cold commonly, if sleep in the evening,to step on by, had dressed little, bathing catch cold catch cold.

Doctor opinion: Do not require special treatment commonly, feed darling more a few warm boiled water, Jiang Zhishui or onion water. Use patulin less as far as possible, darling be agitated, calorific when, can use adult febrifuge to avoid by all means of; of profess to convinced of glad of a few children, unfavorable hello relieve a cough syrup, relieve a cough piece etc relieve a cough medicine, should not abuse antibiotic more.

What are 68 dry cough symptom

What symptom is dry cough?

Usually, after entering autumn, climate is drier commonly, be classics regular meeting feels throat is uncomfortable normally at ordinary times, dry cough is in clinical going up is very common disease, normally the pathogeny of dry cough is very complex, and the illness also is special bigotry, cure rises to also compare difficulty, nevertheless dry cough treats not seasonable word, yesSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Healthy harm is very big, what symptom is dry cough?

How does the dry cough after darling catchs a cold do

What symptom is dry cough?

1. cough companion is calorific see more go up at acute, next respiratory tract infection, tuberculosis, pleurisy.

Bosom of 2. cough companion is painful common wait at embolism of lung cancer of pneumonic, pleurisy, bronchus, lung and spontaneity pneumothorax.

Difficulty of breath of 3. cough companion sees at pneumonia of sex of asthma of tumour of larynx oedema, larynx, bronchus, chronic block, serious illness pneumonic, tuberculosis, many thorax accumulates oedema of gore of fluid, pneumothorax, lung, lung to reach tracheal or bronchus eyewinker.

Haemoptysis of 4. cough companion is common contain iron blood at stone of stricture of lung cancer of bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, pulmonary abscess, bronchus, mitral valve, bronchus, lung Huang Su is ad cool-headed disease.

5. cough companion is many pus is phlegmy common incorporate at cyst of bronchiectasis, pulmonary abscess, lung infection and bronchus pleura fistula.

6. cough companion has roar to cry news is much see at bronchus asthmatic, chronic breath quality asthma of sex of source of bronchitic, heart, diffuse sexual extensive is fine bronchitic, tracheal wait with bronchus eyewinker. Cause when bronchus lung cancer tracheal the suction that shows limitation to distributing can appear to enrage sound of sexual roar toot when not as complete as bronchus block.

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Cough companion has clubbed finger (foot) common wait at lung cancer of bronchiectasis, chronic pulmonary abscess, bronchus and pyothorax.

Adult dry cough is not had phlegmy it is what disease

1, flu: There basically is phlegmy fluid when the patient coughs expectorate, can accompany have guttural and scratchy feeling, because infection of respiratory tract virus is caused,dry cough is normally, basically be disease-resistant poison cure.

2, choke coughs: As a result of the dry cough that engulf is small food or excitant odour place cause, show successional and frequent, but will can alleviate after the eyewinker is expectorate, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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This has the inspiratory medical history of the eyewinker commonly.

3, cold: Clinical characteristic: The cause of disease with acute the commonnest cough is common cold, if be treated not in time, catching a cold original two days, the patient that has 80% above probably can produce dry cough.

4, chronic pharyngitis: Clinical characteristic is constant stimulating cough, but without phlegmy. Common symptom has eyewinker feeling, dry feeling for guttural ministry, scratchy. Have slight ache, serious when can cause sickness.

5, gastric esophagus countercurrent: Give priority to with dry cough more, clinical characteristic happens mostly to cough days and erect, and last for a long time. Cough often is in edible is tall adipose kind of accentuation after food, often accompany pantothenic acid, belch, bosom to wait for the symptom of enteron frowzily.

6, cough mutation asthma: ClinicalSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The characteristic is it is excitant dry cough normally, cough often reachs a yock to wait by breathing cold air, dirt, lampblack cause, dry cough is given priority to with nocturnal occasional before dawn, constant companion has pectoral frowsty symptom, without phlegmy, not calorific.