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After the puerpera is being produced, need a lochia, when lochia is discharged clean, what normally the body also restores is about the same, nevertheless the body state as a result of every puerpera is different, the clean time of lochia also is met somewhat difference, have the time that the lochia of some of puerpera lastsFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Longer, the time that some puerperas last is shorter however, it is clean that actually much at ordinary times attention observes the color of lochia can judge lochia.

 Postpartum 3 days of lochia are little normal

Postpartum are 3 days of lochia little normal?

After the puerpera is giving birth to the child, meet by vaginal eduction lochia. The duration of lochia because of the person different, some puerpera duration are long, criterion the time that some puerperas last is short, but if time of puerpera lochia eduction exceeds a month and accompany have a fever the symptom of bellyacke is about to see a doctor.

Normal lochia has bloody taste, but without the stink, general meeting lasts 4 go to 6 weeks, so postpartum 3 days of lochia are very few really a bit abnormal. But because the lying-in woman is individual difference is bigger, also have continuously of 2 months, if color, odour all is not had unusual, the body that may be the puerpera after production is frailer. Proposal puerpera eats a dot to have nutrition more lukewarm the thing that fill, be in especially in confinement hindShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Half month.

Postpartum lochia has; of 3 kinds of circumstances the first kind is bloody lochia, color is bright red, have apparent hematic fishy smell, begin a quantity a lot of, have bit of small clot, bleed slowly the quantity decreases, continuously 3 arrive 4 daysShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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; is oar sex lochia the 2nd kind, color is lighter, have size, with other and necrotic organization, last 10 days or so; is white lochia the 3rd kind, color is white, stiffer, have a lot of leucocyte, can last more than 20 days. As the drop off of white lochia, what the puerpera’s uterus also restores is about the same, but ten million cannot eat raw or cold food, acrimony thing, in case the uterus restores bad to fall next other an old complaint.

 Postpartum 3 days of lochia are little normal

The puerpera should notice in confinement lie in bed rests, maintain good humor, a thick soup of egg donkey-hide gelatin can be nodded on food or drink of hawkthorn brown sugar, increase puerpera appetitive to eliminate lochia effectively at the same time. The puerpera notices lochia platoon is sordid can produce other complication, veryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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To endanger life, so the puerpera should observe odour of haemorrhage quantity, color more at ordinary times, if haemorrhage time exceeds a month, and taste is bad, be about to look1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Postpartum lochia type

Platoon of general and postpartum lochia needs 3 weeks of time completely, and in this paragraph of time, as the change of lochia color, we also can simple lochia cent is lochia of sex of gules lochia, oar

With white lochia 3 kinds, and the shape color of these 3 kinds of lochia also is each not identical, last when growing also is different, we are opposite respectively below these 3 kinds of types undertake gules lochia, oar sex lochia and white lochia narrate.

Gules lochia: Gules lochia sees commonly at postpartum a week, the capacity of lochia is more, color is bright red, containSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Have much blood, small clot and necrotic exuviate film organization, call gules lochia. Lochia of courage and uprightness lasts 3 to 4 days, uterine haemorrhage measures drop off, size increases, change is serous lochia.

 Postpartum 3 days of lochia are little normal

Oar sex lochia: Half month reachs after duration of oar sex lochia is a week inside, the haemal quantity in lochia decreases, more is secretion of mucus of neck of necrotic exuviate film, palace, vagina and bacterium, make lochia turns into the size of shallow red, right now lochia calls oar sex lochia. Serous lochia lasts 10 days or so, serous drop off, leucocyte grow in quantity, turn into lochia turns into white lochia.

White lochia: Oar sex lochia is to see commonly at 3 weeks of less than coming after half month, blood is contained no longer in the lochia of this period, but contain a large number of leucocyte, degrade exuviate film, cuticular cell and bacterium, make lochia becomes sticky stiff, colour and lustre is whiter, call white lochia so. White lochia works 3 weeks continuously clean.