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Summertime weather is more burning hot, normally most person does not have appetite, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Once some people compare hot word, with respect to meeting occurrence dizziness, the phenomenon of disgusting keck, nevertheless the body appears this kind of symptom, most person won’t be caused take seriously, feel this is not the illness with serious what, normally weather of this kind of symptom turns cool later, the symptom of disgusting keck can disappear slowly, how does if the body appears,hot disgusting keck do?

How does hot disgusting keck do?

How does hot disgusting keck do?

1, eat much food less

Summer intestines and stomach is bad, the person of easy disgusting vomiting should be abided by eat much food less, the principle of delicate food. Summer the absorption of intestines and stomach function this not beautiful, one-time eat too much food the burden of can aggravating stomach, use the means that eats much food less, eat every time eat full, can alleviate appropriately the happening of disgusting keck circumstance.

2, food is delicate

Appropriate takes summer a few delicate food, eat fat and hot food less, delicate and gentle feed can protect intestines and stomach very well, make the assimilation of intestines and stomach absorbs on the rails, although hot food is OK of certain level addLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Increase appetite, but can add those who weigh person body vigour to lose, make person all over lack of power, bloodless.

How does hot disgusting keck do?

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3, eat appetizing food more

The person proposal of keck takes summer more food of digestive of a few appetizing hurried, it is OK to eat the acrid food such as balsam pear more for instance clear heart is divided irritated, be good at lienal benefit stomach, stomachic. Still have, hawkthorn congee, gram congee, congee has the medicine seeing hot weather such as field mint congee to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid certainly dispel heat, the cucumber of effect; cold and dressed with sause that appetizing disappear feeds, the dish of cold and dressed with sause such as tomato of cold and dressed with sause can increase appetite not only, still can be the vitamin with compensatory and many airframe.

4, compensatory moisture and salinity

Summer perspiration is much, moisture and salinity prediction of a person’s luck in a given year are fast, want the moisture salinity of seasonable compensatory body, do not wait thirsty drink water again. Moisture of the much complement that drink water reachs salinity, a large number of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that avoid potassium and those who cause airframe metabolization is disorder, create spirit listless, food is depressed the good food that waiting for; fruit vegetable is salinity of compensatory body moisture and potassium element.

Proposal food: The green vegetables in the fruit; vegetable such as strawberry, apricot, litchi, peach, plum, green Chinese onion, celery, young soya bean contain potassium to also be abounded. The Yi Han in tea has more Potassium, hot weather drinks tea more, already but disappear heat, can fill again potassium.

How does hot disgusting keck do?

5, go out appropriately

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In air conditioning room, air conditioning temperature also cannot differ with external temperature quite too big. Go out appropriately in early morning dusk, not be frowzily all the day in the home.

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, Morpheus wants enough

The quality of Morpheus is right remove ” loss of appetite and weight in summer ” very important, face before sleeping 1 hour or so, still can use dietotherapy hypnotic, if drink bit of milk,wait.

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